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Day 5 – sick day

Came down with a virus, got to sleep in but feeling achey most of the day, with little appetite



Leftover broth with veggies from my osso bucco. I’m pretty sure that this was really good for me as I had made it with my homemade chicken/turkey bone broth and with the marrow from the veal it turned out quite gelatinous…I know it doesn’t sound good but it tasted very yummy. I’m learning that gelatin is very good for you…good for┬ápromoting collagen in the skin too!

Another banana

Made chicken breasts from this website:


Turned out okay, but not as good as it claims the rest of the family ate it, not me.

I served it with roasted squash (acorn?) and green beans – I tried the veggies but not the chicken

Needed something to eat…thought the equivalent of comfort food on a Paleo diet would be scrambled eggs. Scrambled up a few eggs in coconut oil. Had a bit of dried fruit and a few almonds…definitely should have passed on the almonds.

Soaked 1 cup of almonds in water to leave overnight to make almond milk.


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Day 4 Halloween

banana, Scrambled eggs, kale, espresso




salmon, green beans, steamed carrots, sliced tomato

evening snack – fried plantain, banana, apple, walnuts, raisins, toasted shredded coconut all in coconut oil

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