I love food. I love to eat. Some days, I find myself obsessing over it. I have my twice daily emails from recipe websites that keep inspiring me to try new things.

Trying new stuff is not my problem, it’s actually learning how to cook something I really like, and that my family really likes so I can make it a part of my repertoire so I don’t have to follow a recipe.

Although, I love variety and can’t wait to try new things at a restaurant, I wish my eating habits were more consistent just to simplify my life a bit. I could easily eat the same breakfast every day, and lunches don’t usually pose a problem but with husband’s shift work and my boredom with the usual…therein lies the problem.

But a couple of times a month I do try something new and say, “hey that was easy and everyone liked it, I’ll have to do it again”. So that’s what I’m doing here. Sharing those things, that WILL simplify my life!